After-loading HUD in the car Part 1: Driving like a fighter plane – Hundreds of HUD unpacking and comment

After thinking for a long time, I finally got such an exaggerated title, but when you really installed this HUD, turn on the power, listen to the electric servo, the diffractive screen expands, and finally, when you light up, you I would think that this title is so appropriate and it is no exaggeration.

The car itself is already the crystallization of human technology, high-powered engine, computer-controlled automatic gearbox, fast rotating tachometer, acceleration and deceleration and steering with the control of the controller, in the speed, speed and temperature data of the instrument panel, As if everything belongs to you, this is the fun of driving, but how to make this beloved car have a stronger sense of technology, but also become more secure? There is no doubt that HUD is the best choice, and the recently launched Bailuda HUD is indeed one of the most recommended ones in the HUD that I have used in the past few years. Here is the simple one. HUD’s one-week evaluation!

The following words are not much to say, the first is the out of the box display, August 1st I am anxiously waiting for the SF little brother, and then happy to welcome my out of the box.

The box is very simple, the ordinary box, then the advertising theme of the HUD HUD, while the HUD body box is wrapped tightly by the bubble bag.

The packaging of the box body is very simple, there is nothing special except the simple LOGO. (Please ignore my nail clipper tool, laugh, it is said that every person who comes back from Germany is habitually buying a set of tools, even if it is not used at all. on.)

This box reminds me of the packaging of my Sony Duo 13 notebook, the same black box, simple LOGO, clean and generous, lacking and temperament.

After opening the box, a square foam is attached to the upper surface of the box. It seems to be used to protect the HUD placed on the first layer. It can be seen that it is very intentional. It is also on the diffractive screen and display screen of the HUD. Each has a layer of protective stickers, I have to say that this packaging style is really very very Sony’s feeling, the Bailuda HUD is also using the black technology in the propaganda, it can be said that Lenovo is also black with the black technology Not surprising.

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