Small appliances mobile use – Smartmi Chimi car inverter

BYD Qin added the function of 220V output after changing the model. At that time, it felt that this function was really cool. Unfortunately, other models did not have similar functions, especially the gasoline engine model, and there was no corresponding circuit design. The car inverter released by Zhimi can be said to be an artifact of 220V AC in gasoline vehicles. Although the maximum power of 100W can not use large power consumers like microwave oven vacuum cleaners, some small household appliances are enough. .

Simple packaging, pure white background, consistent millet style.

The back is also the same, including a simple introduction to the use, some parameters.

The logo on the side is still very beautiful.

Convenient opening design, see the details in the details.

After opening the family portrait, the wire part was put into a carton and it looked very neat.

The close-up of the front, the English of smartmi, is simple and has B.

Side shot, still spicy, look good.

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