The wireless charging of a million luxury cars, $20 can be a bit ugly – 70-meter car wireless charging bracket experience evaluation

One of the biggest worries about going out a year ago was that there was no wifi and the phone was out of power. Now that the traffic is cheap, the lack of power on the phone has become the only pain point. In most cases of the landlord’s life, the mobile phone is in a state of charge, going to work and driving. The first thing to get on the bus every time is to plug the data cable into the phone and then put the phone on the phone holder, which is very troublesome.

Some time ago, I saw that Zhang Aunt had pushed a 70-meter car wireless charging mobile phone holder, which supports up to 10w fast charging (iphone up to 7.5w) and is a traditional gravity bracket. Since the landlord had purchased the wireless fast charge charger of it before, the impression of that product is not bad. This time, the 70-meter wireless charging stand looks like the function configuration of it, and the landlord decisively made a single order. And in the comment area of ​​the push article and everyone noticed, let’s take a look at the product experience, whether to detoxify

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