“Hi-Fi Control” No.27: It is a man who “burns” in the car and has a fever car audio pit guide.

No. outside the number! This issue of “Hi-Fi Control” has won a prize to win the Beyerdynamic headphones! 
On April 21st, the 2018 Tmall Men’s Day, which focuses on upgrading male consumption, will kick off. Consumption upgrades have been the topic of hot speculation in recent years, and male consumption upgrades are often mentioned as “greasy” transformation tools. In combination with our “Hi-Fi Control” column, the recent Beijing International Auto Show, a variety of concept cars, production cars, luxury cars are brilliant, and you have been concerned about the car audio system inside the car? Today, we will take stock of the car audio brand and take a look at these little friends who are coming home with us. At the end of the article, we also prepared a prize-winning vote to participate in the voting to get the Edifier M5 MKIII Bluetooth speaker or Beyerdynamic DP100 headphones, which may be exactly what you need~

Update : The results of this issue of “Hi-Fi Control” have been announced, congratulations to Quasimodo9527, value friend 1363882636, expired cat food, Jameswell, Dongge 85414 five value friends to get the Rambler M5 MKIII Bluetooth audio; endless 1974, The Secret Service spy, AVANCIER three value friends get the Beyerdynamic DP100 headphones.

With the arrival of the summer, a variety of large-scale exhibitions have also begun to be on the agenda, of course, the annual “straight men’s event” Beijing International Auto Show. After more than ten years, this exhibition has gone through the excitement – watching the car – watching the legs – watching the car – do not know the stages of watching the car, the car show has also evolved from simple car display to new technology, hardware, car culture A full feast with the refit experience.

As an indispensable part of the hard configuration of the car, car audio has also become one of the “playing” points of car players from the early “can ring” to more and more people now playing this doorway. Even manufacturers are affected by the heat, and many high-end car brands regard it as a new propaganda point, which further inspires the Volkswagen audio market.

Today, He does not talk about headphones, and does not say those “not enough Hi-Fi” gadgets, just to say that many people want to play but can not find the door car audio / car audio modification. In the end, which cars and which brands of car audio are good and reliable, how to do the conversion, how much it costs, how good the car audio can be, etc. will give an answer in today’s column.


To talk about the history of car audio, its original prototype was produced by Motorola in the 1930s (the MOTO that made the phone), and gradually became the standard accessory for cars in the 1950s with the rise of radio stations. In the 1990s, the gradual departure from the dependence on radio stations began to evolve as the cornerstone of the car audio-visual entertainment system. Now it has become the entertainment hub hardware for the entire car except the center console screen.

The emergence of the boutique car audio was also accompanied by the popularity of the CD and the miniaturization of the speaker amplification module in the 1980s. From the American BOSE and Japan’s Sony, Pioneer opened in the 80s, many of the rising top-level speaker brands have more or less owned car audio product lines. With the development and use of various intelligent algorithm technologies in the 21st century, it is no longer a dream to hear the sense of on-site envelopment and dynamics in the car as much as home theater.

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