Old driver cheats NO.12:618 must see! Commercial car charger big soldiers and purchase guide

I. Development status of car charger technology

Hi, everybody! I am Neo  .

Soon it will be promoted to the annual 618 years. Do you think that there is still a car charger (car charger) on the car?

But then again, in fact, many friends understand the car charger is nothing more than:

A device that charges the phone in the car.

“If you plug it in, you can do it. What else can you pay attention to?”

In fact, with the continuous development of smart phones, more and more mobile phones are beginning to support fast charging. Compared with the traditional 5V1A or 5V2A charging speed, now the 15W, 20W fast charging really makes us “power phobia” “There is a qualitative change.

Fast charge in hand, I have it in the world!

Then, the core of the so-called market competition is to suppress the opponent and become bigger and stronger. This has also led to a variety of fast-charge agreements on the market that make people look good, and each support for a fast-charge agreement, it is bound to pay a “patent license fee”, and the implementation of the technical solution is more complicated, one after another, The cost naturally goes up.

Therefore, for our ordinary consumers, expensive is not necessarily good, and the car charger that suits your mobile phone and usage habits is the most worth buying.

So what exactly is fast charging, and what are the current mainstream fast charging technologies? If you are interested in understanding the past and present life of fast charging technology, let’s look down together. If you just want to quickly understand which car charger is the best choice for you, please fill the navigation bar directly to the “fifth point” to see which car charger is most suitable for you.

Not much nonsense, let’s ROCK! 

2. Fast charging technology

In fact, fast charge technology is difficult and difficult to say, otherwise it is as strong as Apple does not make a real fast charge for so many years; simple and simple, junior high school physics can get it.

First of all, we know that the power of the mobile phone is derived from the battery, and the charging efficiency of the battery depends on the ” power “. So how does the power get?

P = UI , that is to say, the voltage or current has a high, the charging power goes up, and the charging is naturally faster.

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