The first order of the US direct mail: Cobra Cobra XRS937 radar detector

I have always followed the rules of driving, especially the highway, basically running at a speed limit.

Note that the time is the peak of the return trip during the National Day. I have not even reached the speed of 120, but I can measure the speed of 150. I think it is drunk!

In this case, you can only use shameless methods to deal with shameless!

Meiya direct mail purchase XRS937

This site has an experience in purchasing an electronic dog .


After reading it, I was interested in the 8500×50佷 inside. It happened that Meiya specializes in direct mail (221 US dollars), but there is no experience in Haitao. I contacted a Taobao seller (previously bought RESQME in her shop), the seller offered the price down. Also fair: all inclusive 1500. Two days later, when preparing to pay the seller, I found that the price of this goods has increased! I am a poor Cock, this 20 more US gold but my day’s income ah! Give up after two or three days!

After studying the electronic dog for more than 10 days, I finally found the goods (direct mail with a tax of 88 dollars).

[Product: : Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360-Degree Protection : Car Electronics]

The main reason for determining this product is that the manufacturer that produces this product is a listed company, and it is estimated that the quality and technology can pass!

There are also domestic brands of goods sales, but the choice is much less than the United States, and the price is also a lot different!

There is also an operation video of this product on the Internet. There are Chinese version of the manual in Baidu Library. Although the models are different, there should be no major changes in the operation of the products of the same manufacturer!

The manual connects the address , and finally the comparison: the setting method is exactly the same!

In the first half of December, I finally got the registration of Meiya and credit card payment.

This experience helps a lot

12/18 orders, 12/20 delivery, January 2 delivery!

I don’t know if there is no tax (there is no unpacking box, there is no tax bill on the box).

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