The icy in the self-driving tour – an alternative to the car refrigerator / incubator: EPP foam incubator out of the box

Car refrigerators – products that most riders have considered but have not purchased.

  Why? ——High price/bulk size/small volume/unsatisfactory cooling effect/low frequency of use/less use of scenes, etc. can all be the reason for not buying.

  What is the reason for the purchase? Have! On a hot summer day, on the road to the dead dog, enjoy the frozen cola and icy fruit in the car on the way of self-driving tour. 

Purchase option

3, compressor type car refrigerator

 This kind of can be described as high and handsome in the car refrigerator, the price is generally more than $200, the cooling temperature can reach minus 18 degrees Celsius.

 However, in addition to the expensive goods, there is a disadvantage that the volume is large and the volume is small enough.

Indelb car refrigerator Germany refrigeration technology up to -18 °C Self-driving tour mini fridge APP smart dual temperature dual control  $200

2, semiconductor car refrigerator

  Its principle is to rely on electronic chip refrigeration, using a PN junction composed of special semiconductor materials to form a thermocouple pair, resulting in a Peltier effect, a new refrigeration method through DC cooling, the refrigeration temperature range is -5 to 65 degrees. In actual use, it is affected by the external temperature, and it can be 4 degrees Celsius. It is very good, and the cooling speed is very slow. It is generally used for refrigeration. Moreover, there is still the disadvantage of having a large volume and a small volume.

SAST 10-22L small mini car refrigerator refrigeration car home dual-use student dormitory small refrigerator heating and cooling box 10L ocean blue $30 

3, incubator

   Strictly speaking, the incubator is not a “car refrigerator” at all. However, from the practical point of view, as long as it is used properly, it can also play the role of a car refrigerator. A good incubator, the price is not lower than the semiconductor refrigerator.

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