Take precautions – talk about my car gadgets

At present, cars have become an indispensable part of modern life, going to work, going out to work, and traveling on weekends… Cars play an important role in life.

Many people are accustomed to driving back home and downstairs after a busy day’s work, and then quietly stay in the car for a while. For the now tense social rhythm, during the day, fighting hard in the workplace, facing the burden of society, life, and family, only when you are alone in the car can you get some breathing time.

A car is a social dividing line. Before getting on the bus, we are employees, subordinates, bosses… After getting off the bus, we are husband, son, father…

Life is the shackles of rice, oil and salt. It is a slave to mortgage loans. Only when one is sitting in the car silently, we are completely owned. In the car, I will stay, listen to songs, smoke cigarettes, enjoy the short-lived shackles, and feel the rare peace in the world of only oneself.

Since cars are so important in life, many people will add some small car-mounted appliances to their cars according to their own living habits, such as me –

In fact, there are not many things in my car. When I turn it over, I turn out some small items that can be called electrical appliances, including car inverters, air pumps, air purifiers , radios, cigarette lighter expansion plugs, and Two car chargers , originally had a car heating and cooling box when I bought the car, but only used a few times, I dislike it is not good enough.

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