Love toss, love life, Jade car audio conversion experience

The landlord design institute climbs a mountain dog, loves toss, love life. Hands-on ability is general, a lot of things have been repaired, sometimes I want to give myself a punch, why is the hand so versatile, and more often the enjoyment process.

Talk about this car, some people say that it is borrowed, some people say Jetta. The person who knows the car said that this is the Fit. . . OK, it is still a small, still sao, in line with the simple appearance of the landlord under the boring sao heart.

Jade, this car, not talking about shock absorption, not talking about sound insulation, not talking about power, not talking about sound is still very good. . . In addition, in order to install the B-changed 18-inch large wheel hub, the landlord took off after a speed bump.

The talk about the sound, the landlord’s 14 models still have to be more than the new conscience, at least there is a high-pitched head, the whole car six speakers, the sound is still quite large, very loud. Well, that’s it. . The rumble was rumbled. .

Appearance added the original wind wrap angle, changed the big wheel hub, plus the original low-lying, or beautiful, you should have more connotation, and finally the landlord decided to move the knife to the sound.

Soft-hardened foam, apply for $400 budget to LD. Then it is the bubble forum,  group to do homework, being ridiculed by all the way to a big fever, it is better not to change. However, how can the landlord stop here? As a valued friend who has been diving for many years, it is the king of the pursuit of ultimate cost performance. After a few days of searching, the landlord finally turned to such a set of things in the idle fish.

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